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The huge role in development of art of Ancient Egypt was played by mythology as reflections of outlook and attitude of Egyptians. The Egyptian mythology which started being formed in the VI-IV millennia BC, long before emergence of class society, throughout many centuries had impact on all spheres of life of Egyptians. The explanation of the phenomena of reality was based on mythological ideas, and what aspect of life in Ancient Egypt we would not consider, everywhere there are sacral signs and symbols, everywhere real closely intertwines with the mythical. And of course, mythological views of Ancient Egypt found broad reflection in art.

Looking at these grandiose tombs when "into an oblivion abyss" memory of Pharaohs, of their power and of their affairs sank for a long time, we involuntarily repeat a popular expression: "everything on the earth is afraid of time, but time is afraid of pyramids". (

Imperial tombs were a place of a cult of the died Pharaoh. A number of remnants of those representations according to which was considered was postponed for this cult that the leader of a tribe is the magic center of welfare of all community, and the spirit of the died leader at observance of appropriate ceremonies will and protect the tribe from now on. It is characteristic, for example, that Senusert I's pyramid was called "Senusert looking at Egypt", and on tops of some pyramids eyes were represented.