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On the other hand, it kept the proud character and an independent way of life. It is possible to agree with opinion of many researchers that a modern domestic cat, except for some decorative breeds, it is impossible to consider in full sense house as she almost entirely keeps in an invariable type of a habit and behavior of wild relatives, having only adapted them for new living conditions in the house.

Only short interval of time of a puma live in couples. The marriage couple sticks together to everything about two weeks. In a dung happens two - three kittens, sometimes are more. Newborns are born much more darkly than the parents. Their skin is covered with accurate black specks, and tails - the same color rings. Milk - the main food of kids to two - two and a half months. Then they pass to firm food, and in half a year mothers on hunting already help.

They live in the basic in droughty areas, avoiding open flat spaces and dense thickets of trees. Cheetahs eat small and average hoofed animals. Only in exceptional cases they attack large antelopes. In hungry time catch rodents and birds.

Cats very well are guided in an unfamiliar situation thanks to what, as a rule, always without special work find a way home. But at impossibility to come back to the former dwelling it quickly adapts to new conditions and even is capable to lead a wild life.

Pumas eat mice, rabbits, reptiles, frogs, grasshoppers, birds and more considerable production - small and average hoofed animals. The best-known number of a puma on hunting - an instant throw with the subsequent sting of the victim in a nape. If maneuver is unsuccessful, the cat not for long pursues the victim. The puma buries the ink remains during snow or hides under brushwood again to come back to them next day.

This large American cat is called also the cougar, a black or silvery lion and even a panther. Thirty of its subspecies meet in the southwest of Alaska, in Central Canada, the USA, Central and South America.