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Sea level rise will become one more menacing factor. Americans consider that it would cost to their country 100 billion dollars on construction of protective dikes and transfer of many objects. But where the consequence for densely populated Asia where the majority of rice fields (and rice - a food basis) is in floodplains and deltas of the rivers would be more terrible.

The science knows not everyone about modern circulations in the nature, about their mechanism and, especially, is not able to give the exact forecast for thirty - fifty years ahead. After all it where is more difficult, than the weather forecast for tomorrow given, it seems, according to the most exact data of satellite photos and nevertheless mistaken sometimes.

The earth - a habitat of the person. Life of people proceeds on a terrestrial surface which total area makes about 510 mln From them slightly less than a third (149 mln falls to the share of continents and islands.

The science about genetic engineering arose not so long ago, not to mention cloning but as soon as the mankind learned about opportunity to change something in the person, it caused big public protests and in the highest circles of the power.