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Each LYa contains special logic of the accelerated transfer, provides the best realization on COTTON VELVET of various functions. KLB contains two separate chains of transfer — on one on each section. Dimension of a chain of transfer — two bits on KLB.

The codes which are written down in cells of static memory operate control of logical elements and switchboards of the routes which are carrying out connections in the scheme. These codes are loaded into cells after inclusion of a and can reboot in the course of work if it is necessary to the functions realized by a chip.

Besides, joint optimization reduces compilation time as the software and architecture of a chip were created taking into account interaction. Design cycles, thus, ­ thanks to shorter times of each of iterations of all process.

Speed of the project calculated for the worst case is by delay size for the longest route. Therefore an of route-making resources and the program of placement and a were created taking into account their use in uniform process of an. This joint process of optimization minimizes the longest ways and, thus, creates the project with the best system productivity.