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At removal of budennovsky breed in crossing began to use thoroughbred stallions on the most valuable Don uterus. For achievement of goals absolutely new method of cultivation of young growth developed by plants of Budenny and a name of the First Cavalry and applied at breed removal namely a method cultural education had essential value.

When developing this method recognized that heredity at hybrids dual and loosened. Education it is possible to strengthen development in them of either fatherly, or maternal heredity. On the basis of association of heredity it is possible to create absolutely new qualities which through some generations will become steady, and will be descended.

For a stipl-chez and barrier races typically saddle horses, tall (164 centimeters and, with the powerful, developed croup, the increased fortress of sinews and sheaves are desirable. The horse has to combine big playfulness with ability to a strong nastilny jump.

The horse grows till 4-5 years, i.e. before a maturity, maturity. During this period the constitution is formed, return to normal physiological indicators, milk teeth are replaced with constants. The most intensive growth goes to the pre-natal period and right after the birth; the vyzherebka season – is of great importance better if it to fall on February-April; Foals of a late vyzherebka (July - August) are insufficiently made ready for the winter and poorly develop in the stall period.

Each type of equestrian sport imposes the requirements to a horse. For a dressage is a horse of riding type, elegant, having the quiet free and rhythmical movements, height in the withers of 160-170 centimeters which are well developed by a breast (185-200 centimeters, the long and flexible neck, wide ganasha, a long nape which is well put by the head, well omuskulenny waist and a croup. The horse height in withers of 162-168 centimeters, a thorax of 180-190 centimeters, moderately developed, the dry constitution, the strong tendinous and copular device, strong feet, the correct line of top, a strong back and a waist is suitable for triathlon. More others are suitable for triathlon to a riding bloodstock, trakenensky, budennovsky breeds.

It is one of the most difficult types of equestrian sport including a dressage, field tests and overcoming of obstacles. Competitions are held on the same horse within 3 days in a row according to the various program. In the first day a dressage, in the second – field tests on a cross-country terrain, on the third – overcoming of obstacles.