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The surprising solution to score 115 Introductions and conclusions for study and focus

Nevertheless the general and more vital issue consists that the management often does not manage to use all aspects of UPTs. On an example, it cannot alter system payment and awardings of work that achievement of the objectives was rewarded properly.

To coma of that, it is necessary to consider that it is labor-intensive, difficult and long process which yields result only where heads are faced by a problem of a choice of actions for their performance. Otherwise administration substitutes an initiative, the bureaucracy limits creativity, the purposes turn into compulsory tasks, and any changes are considered as undesirable. It follows from this that system of UPTs yield effective result only where there are for this purpose corresponding conditions.

Lack of the corresponding qualification. Heads can have no necessary qualification for definition of activity, planning, exchange of information and interpersonal interactions, such as training, consultation, and also transfer and obtaining information on the basis of feedback.

Strategy of inappropriate changes. Design and implementation of the UPTs program have to be carefully planned. It has to be attentively considered, in what ways the system will be designed and introduced and who will participate in it.