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The analysis of a genome allowed to allocate 894 genes coding various proteins. Similarity to earlier studied proteins of other bacteria allowed to define a functional purpose 604 (68%) the coded proteins. 35 (4%) proteins were similar to the proteins which are available for other bacteria. In remained 255 (28%) proteins of sequence were unlike the earlier studied. The analysis of proteinaceous sequences showed that 256 (29%) chlamydial proteins are grouped in 58 families within a genome like grouping of proteins at bacteria with a small genome, such as mycoplasmas and Haemophilus influenzae.

For full confidence in results of treatment analyses should be repeated within the next three months. If they are negative, further it is possible to be limited to annual visits of the attending physician.

The so-called immunofluorescent analysis is inexpensive and rather reliable. Sometimes resort to diagnostic allocation of hlamidiya in culture of cages or address to new, to the most exact (but also to the most expensive) to a method of polimerazny chain reaction.

Hlamidiya (Chlamydia) - small gramotritsatelny kokkovidny bacteria, the size the 250-1500th (0,25-1 microns). They have all main signs of bacteria: contain two types of nucleinic acids (DNA and RNA), ribosomes, muramovy acid (a component of a cellular wall of gramotritsatelny bacteria), breed binary division and are sensitive to some antibiotics.