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The principle of problem and target orientation — the leading technological principle of sociocultural design. Its realization assumes first of all target orientation of programs to different solution of problems which carriers is the personality, social group, a certain territory or the region, society in general; their orientation on self-implementation of persons and social groups, on self-realization of the person in the sociocultural sphere. At various design stages this principle is embodied in a type of the analysis of the main painful points and problems (the territory in general, social groups and persons); search of non-standard ways and ways of their decision; miscalculation of necessary resources and research of sources of financing; involvement in process of implementation of the project of all interested subjects of sociocultural life.

Natural harmony of traditional and innovative mechanisms and processes cultural developments is provided with creation (during realization the project of conditions, both the creating prerequisites for cultural innovations and supporting cultural continuity.

The situation — is set of typical conditions and circumstances in which the personality functions, social group, a community and which define the contents and forms of activity of the person, system of his valuable orientations, character of its environment, relation with other people, etc. Situations happen objective and subjective, perspective (the opening new opportunities of development) and destructive (blocking development subject, operated and uncontrollable. Being system of conditions, external in relation to the sociocultural subject, the situation at the same time mediates his activity, creates prerequisites for their transformation or overcoming.