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the consumer there are own terminal assemblies to which these external devices are connected. From these assemblies of connection are conducted assembly by wires which are soldered to forks of RP-1 plugs If at the consumer such terminal assemblies are absent or under the terms of installation such connections are inadmissible, the special connectors which are a part of a set of REMIKONT R 13 Interblock connector of MBS are used is applied to communication of instrument chains of the block of the controler with the power unit. Soyedenitel presents to MBS

functions of control of small units in local links of the automated process control systems (APCS). The instrument-making industry lets out REMIKONT R-130 of two modifications - regulating and logical. Regulating

WHETHER when testing a tuning panel all indicators except "Upr" are directly checked (this indicator controls tension connected from out of a source at a data recording in PPZU or regeneration of ROM). Keys of a tuning panel are checked indirectly by control of performance of regular operations of the panel - procedure change (a key

The large-scale coefficient is a setting of a number of algorithms where the mashtabirovaniye is required, This coefficient is used in algorithms of analog input and output, in algorithm of summation with a masshtabirorovaniye, etc.

The regulating REMIKONT R-130 controler is the programmable device. By preparation for work in it by a program way the structure which describes the information organization of the controler is created and characterizes it as a control system link,

can have the individual modifier and time scale in each algoblok. Existence of the modifier and time scale significantly expands possibilities of algorithms. For example, in one algoblok the program zadatchik having some sites can be placed

Klemno-blochny the connector of KBS-1 represents a cable piece, on the one hand which the RP-15-9 plug fork is mounted, and on another - a one-digit terminal block on 8 plugs. KBS-1 is used for connection of chains "under the screw" to the blocks having the RP-15-9 socket (the power unit, amplifiers). Klemno-blochny the connector of KBS-2 is intended for connection of external devices to discrete exits of the block of the controler. KBS-2 represents a cable piece, on the one hand which the RP-15-9 plug fork is mounted, and with another - a three-digit terminal block on 24 plugs. Klemno-blochny the connector of KBS-3 is intended for connection "under the screw" external devices to analog entrances exits of the block of the BQ controler -

the whole it is adjusted on younger range, the time scale individually in each algoblok sets the scale of "second" or "minute". For the senior range the time scale sets "minutes" or "hours". The algorithms with the same number placed in various algoblok

Work technique with the keyboard, drawing up test teams, structure and control of the program are described in the technical specification and the maintenance instruction 8955 THAT. Work of a tuning panel is similar to operation of the front panel.

Separate blocks of product REMIKONT R-130 have sockets of plug RP15 plugs for connection performance among themselves and other devices. The consumer can connect all external chains directly to these plugs. Such option assumes that at

-place decimal figure is also the key parameter characterizing properties of algorithm. In library there are numbers which do not correspond not to one of algorithms. Such numbers are called "empty", and the algorithm corresponding to this number "empty". Algoblok with "empty" algorithm has no entrances exits and any work does not perform, and also does not influence work of other algoblok, but in the RAM takes a certain place and demands some

The lock represents the microprocessor device intended for communication of the Transit network with devices of the top level of management, and also for communication of the Transit networks with each other. Are a part of a lock:

time for service. The modifier sets additional properties of algorithm. Usually the modifier sets number of the same operations. For example, in the adder the modifier sets number of summable entrances; in a program zadatchik - number of sites of the program, etc. In some cases the modifier sets a set of certain parameters, in algorithm