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It is known that proteins make a life basis as each living cell, each fabric of an organism consists mainly of protein. Therefore continuous intake of protein is absolutely necessary for growth and restoration of fabrics, and also for formation of new cages.

The person who did not eat before withdrawal from the house in the morning, at work and long before a lunch break tests a breakdown. Too nourishing lunch during a break at work causes a drowsiness and lowers labor productivity.

Fats and carbohydrates are the main power source and determine generally food caloric content, besides carbohydrates and fats carry out protective functions concerning protein as at the sufficient contents them in an organism of squirrels collapses less.

Nutritionists advise at least once a week to use pizza for lunch or a dinner because the usual portion of "Margarita" is a third of day norm of consumption of food for the person. In total in Italy more than two thousand names of various pizzas are today.

Eels to clear and divide into slices. To slice potatoes. Eels and potatoes to place in marinade from vegetable oil, garlic, salt and pepper for 1 hour. To knead dough, having added a little vegetable oil and black ground pepper. To divide dough into two parts, to roll everyone on two circles. To lay out one circle on it to put a stuffing from the filtered eels and potatoes in the form oiled vegetable, to cover with other circle, to pinch edges and to put in a hot oven for 40 min.

To boil potatoes in a peel, to peel it, to knead on a table or a board, carefully to mix with a flour. In the center to make a hole, to pour in egg, the dismissed butter, to strew with grated cheese, salt, pepper, to pour in the yeast diluted with warm milk. To knead gentle dough, to cover it with a towel and to put in a warm place for 2 hours. Then to roll on a table or a board, to put on a frying pan with a diameter of 24-26 cm, 5 cm high, greased with butter so that to cover a bottom and walls of a frying pan. To put small cut sausage, ham, curd cakes, cheese, grated cheese in a bowl, to fill in with eggs and milk, to salt, pepper and well to shake up. To lay out a stuffing on dough, to close it at the edges, to put in a hot oven 220 °C for 40-50 minutes. To give hot.

Pizza — one of the most ancient dishes. Having hardly learned to handle fire and to use grain cereals in food, the primitive person began to prepare on hot stones of a flat cake. For a long time, baking such flat cakes, they were strewed with seeds of fennel, poppy, added herbs. Such flat cakes without salt, with seeds of fennel and poppy which, in essence, were also pizza, bake in the countries of the Mediterranean and today.

To roll dough in a round flat cake and to lay on a baking sheet. Tomatoes to clear, knead and put to extinguish, having added 2 spoons of oil, the cut onions and garlic, and also spicy herbs, salt, pepper. Approximately in an hour to remove from fire, to take out herbs, and to wipe tomatoes through a sieve. Dough to oil, cover with a layer of tomato weight, from above to put small cut mushrooms previously roasted in butter and to strew with grated cheese. To allow to lie down half an hour, then to sprinkle oil and to put for 35 minutes in well heated oven.

The healthy nutrition - the most important factor of health, it positively affects efficiency of the person and his activity and considerably defines longevity, detaining approach of an old age.