A Method To Ace College Interviews

Relaxing piano music for your college interview

At the same time it is impossible to deny that tests of achievements can also predict in a certain degree rates of advance of the pupil in this or that discipline as the high or low level of mastering knowledge which is available at the time of testing cannot but be reflected in further process of training.

It is necessary to notice that the tests created with attraction of computer technologies or without them have to be simplest in use (especially on the COMPUTER), and did not demand special preparation for work on the computer.

Tasks for tests have to be informative, fulfill one or several concepts of a formula, definition, etc. Thus test tasks cannot be too bulky or too simple. It not tasks for the oral account. Versions of answers to a task has to be, whenever possible, not less than five. As incorrect answers it is desirable to use the most typical mistakes/10/.

In a carrying out form tests can be individual and group, oral and written, blank, subject, hardware and computer, verbal and nonverbal. Thus each test has some components: the guide to work with dough, a test notebook with tasks and if it is necessary, stimulny material or the equipment, a leaf of answers (for blank techniques), templates for data processing.

But despite the specified testing shortcomings as method of pedagogical control, its merits in many respects speak about expediency of use of such technology in educational institutions.