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the expenses on compensation carried directly on costs of production (addresses), and also on operational costs of the nonindustrial farms which are on balance of primary activity of the organization;

- during action of an event - only that part of average earnings which falls on the period from the moment of increase of tariff rates, official salaries, a reward before the end of an event is subject to increase;

for the workers who are carrying out performance standards at a temporary transfer on other, below-paid work owing to idle time. For the workers who are not carrying out norm or transferred to the work paid povremenno their tariff rate (an okla remains;

If the worker in the settlement period had no earnings from which according to the real Order average earnings have to pay off, average earnings are defined proceeding from the sum of the added salary, a reward for actually worked days before an event.

Join in structure of a wages fund added by the enterprise, institution, the organization of the sum of compensation in monetary and natural forms for the fulfilled and unfinished time, the stimulating surcharges and extra charges, the compensation payments connected with an operating mode and working conditions, awards and lump incentive sums, and also payments on the food, housing, fuel having regular character.

I determine earnings of workers by multiplication of an hour or day tariff rate of its category by number of the hours or days worked him. Earnings of other categories of workers are defined as follows:

Work of some workers is sometimes paid both on price-work, and for time wage of work, for example compensation of the head of the small collective combining the management of collective (time payments with the direct production activity paid for price-work quotations.

to collect and group indicators in work and a salary for operational management and drawing up the necessary reporting, and also calculations with bodies of social insurance, the Pension fund and fund of employment.

- within the settlement period - tariff rates, official salaries, a reward, and also other payments considered at calculation of average earnings for the interval of time preceding change are subject to increase;

If one or two months of the settlement period are fulfilled not completely, average hour earnings are defined by division of the sum of the added salary in the settlement period on the sum of average monthly number of working hours of completely fulfilled months and number of the working hours which are subject to working off on norm in the considered periods of not completely fulfilled months.

If in any month of the settlement period or in the settlement period in general it is fulfilled only 1 - 5 days in a row or till some days in different weeks at five-day working week, these days are given to the six-day schedule when providing holiday in the working days:

The cost of the given-out overalls, special footwear and other means of individual protection, soap and other detergents, the neutralizing means, milk and treatment-and-prophylactic food or compensation of expenses to workers for the overalls acquired by them, special footwear and other means of individual protection in case of a lack of distribution their administration.

Payment of the next holidays. The right for holiday is granted to workers on the expiration of 11 months of continuous work at this enterprise. For the worker who is in holiday keep its average earnings.

At time and bonus system of compensation to the earnings sum on a tariff add an award in a certain percent to a tariff rate or to other measuring instrument. Primary documents according to the accounting of work of workers at time wage are sheets.

In a case when the worker a long time did not work, including because of the compelled truancy, average earnings decide according to the real Order proceeding from the sum of the added salary for the last three fulfilled calendar months on the subsequent its increase by coefficients of increase of tariff rates, official salaries, a reward according to point 6 of the real Order.