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At making decision on licensing the Commission is guided by the judgment of documents of commodity exchange presented in writing by the member of the commission to whom they were sent for consideration.

The commodity exchange within 15 days after their acceptance has to report about all changes in the constituent documents and rules of exchange trade in the Commission. At discrepancy of the made changes to the normative documents regulating activity of commodity exchanges, the Commission sends to the exchange the official instruction about reduction of constituent documents to compliance with the standard in a month.

Broker firms, broker offices and independent brokers are obliged to keep account of the exchange transactions made in exchange trade on each client and to store data on these transactions within five years from the date of transaction, and also to provide the specified information on request of the Commission on commodity exchanges.

As for innovations which are entered on November 14, these innovations are prepared for improvement of a procedure of exchange trade in foreign currencies, and also specification of requirements of separate points of earlier accepted document.

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As it is told in changes, the currency exchanges have no right to be engaged in other kinds of activity, except the organization of exchange trade, rendering information services, and also cases when production and (or) trade activity is carried out for their own needs. The regulations of tendering without fail have to contain an order of the admission to them of participants, procedure of the conclusion by participants of the exchange auction of transactions of purchase and sale, conversion of foreign currency at the currency exchange.