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Systematic errors of a representativeness appear owing to violation of the principles of selection of units from initial set which have to be subjected to supervision. Calculating and logical control collected materiala.reprezentativnost can be applied to identification and elimination of the mistakes made at registration (as well as registration errors) can be and systematic.

Development and deployment of forms of the reporting for continuous supervision, and also forms and programs of selective supervision and necessary mathematical apparatus for distribution of the objects given selective supervision on all set;

Errors of registration are deviations between value of the indicator received during statistical supervision and the actual, its valid value. This type of mistakes can be both at continuous, and at not continuous supervision.

Program approach will allow to hold a target complex of events for improvement of system of statistical supervision: first of all formation on the basis of system of statistics of social and economic development of the list of the major actions behind the course and performance of realization of economic reforms in system of economic management, a technique of the major indicators considered when carrying out censuses, single, selective and monographic inspections.

After carrying out selective supervision it is necessary to calculate errors of sample statistics. For definition of a limit error of selection of average size of a quantitative sign at repetition-free selection use a formula:

Definition of the list of the statistics characterizing the major economic processes for continuous supervision, and also the list of indicators and objects of statistical supervision information on which can be received by means of censuses, selective supervision and single accounts;

Statistical supervision provides necessary data on quantitative values of these or those indicators and, naturally, have to change according to requirements of system of statistical supervision.

Certainly, information on the reasons of unemployment is necessary for effective work of bodies of an employment service and in a certain measure smears to promote selection of work according to individual opportunities of everyone.

Accuracy of statistical supervision call degree of compliance of size of any indicator (value any a sign, determined by materials of statistical supervision, its valid size.

Representativeness errors also happen casual and systematic. Random errors arise if the selected set it is incomplete reproduces all set in general. Its size can be estimated.

The following type of not continuous supervision is a method of the main massif. At it the most essential are exposed to inspection, usually the largest units of the studied set which on the basic (for concrete research) to a sign have the greatest specific weight in. This look is used for the organization of supervision over work of the city markets.

Monographic inspection represents a type of not continuous supervision at which separate units studied, usually representatives of any new types of the phenomena are exposed to careful inspection. It is carried out for the purpose of identification of the available or outlined tendencies in development of this phenomenon.

The main share drops out on dismissed at own will and got under reduction. Most often dismissal is the reason very much a low wage, and also reduction of a salary. Owing to long stay on holidays without preservation of a salary (on administrative holidays).

The qualification comprises a number of signs (usually in quantitative expression) which existence when carrying out statistical works (census, selective inspections, etc.) forms the basis for reference of object to the studied set.