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As the purpose of writing of this dialogue was the image ideal, from the point of view of Platon, the policy, for education was allocated quite certain role, one of the basic structure-forming elements of this policy.

The Greek policy as it was already noted, represented the closed civil community hereditary accessory to which gave a number of advantages. In other words, the relations between the state and its certain member were defined by the whole system of the mutual rights and duties.

Perhaps, complexity of the analysis of a source predetermined insignificant degree of interest among historians and antikoved to this problem. Therefore the bulk of works, it mentioning — is works on stories of philosophy, history of art, history of pedagogical thought.

Perhaps, these izmeneniya5 suggested to Platon an idea about allocations from the population of separate estate of citizens which would enter along with farmers and handicraftsmen (for the antique citizen negative attitude to craft, and in general to any remunerative work is characteristic), that is the persons occupied with physical work.